AdRoll Advertising Services

Why Agencies Choose Us

As a growing marketing agency, chances are you need a partner who can help you create and manage your clients’ AdRoll ads so you can be free to focus on the client relationships.

Here are some of the reasons agencies choose to partner with us:


We're based in Brisbane (no language barriers).


We specialize in paid ads only (no SEO, web design, etc.).


We are all Google AdWords and Bing Certified Experts.


We understand paid ads strategy and tactics.

Agency Focused

We only work with marketing agencies.


We all have agency experience.

The Power of AdRoll Advertising

Intelligent retargeting previous website visitors and customers
Unified retargeting platform on Facebook, Twitter and millions of websites
Competitive edge in staying top-of-mind for comparison shoppers
Increased revenue and customer lifetime value from repeat customers
Real time bidding platform
Economical and suitable for any size business

Our Approach

We start by understanding the client’s sales funnel and the desired actions for visitors to take.

We also analyse what gets in the way of these, where breakages occur and what the next best actions are.

Any existing data is analysed, including cost and previous performance. This also allows us to work out a target cost per acquisition.

After we’ve done our homework, we can propose a Targeting plan, which includes:

  • Recommended audience structures
  • Offer > Target Audience mapping
  • Proposed ads and formats
  • Bidding strategy
  • Campaign settings

Once the Targeting Plan and AdRoll ads are approved, we build the audiences and campaigns, monitoring closely.

Post-launch, we can then review the data and optimise the campaigns to get the greatest exposure for the target CPA, with efficient use of budget.

AdRoll reporting is provided, based on the format and frequency you or the client prefer. Further recommendations are also made for continuing growth and efficiencies.

Our AdRoll Services

Here’s an overview of our services. We can tailor our
services to suit your AdRoll requirements.

Analysis of Sales Funnel including breakages

Specification of Retargeting audiences and offers

Strategy recommendations and testing plan

Efficient budget management for best results

Bid management and bid strategy testing for better ROI

Split-testing of ad creative for continued improvement

Testing of different audience set-ups and other elements

Development of Retargeting audiences

Creation of ads in multiple ad formats

Building and launch of high quality campaigns

Customised reporting on campaign performance

Post analysis of campaign results

Implementation of learnings on existing campaigns

Recommendations for future testing



Want to Chat?

If you'd like to learn more about our services then please click the button below to schedule your Free 30-minute Exploratory Chat. The purpose of this call would be to learn more about your needs and to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

FAQS about AdRoll Advertising

What is AdRoll used for?
We use AdRoll to efficiently target site visitors, stay top-of-mind and draw them back to the website to continue the sales funnel. This could be a transaction, an enquiry and can be used for a fresh prospect that hasn’t yet transacted with the website, or even to encourage repeat purchases from a previous customer.
Do I have to advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Web?
No, you can choose to simply advertise on Facebook, or take advantage of the millions of sites that AdRoll offers. The platform is up to you.
What if I already have Retargeting campaigns on another platform?
AdRoll can be run in conjunction with other Retargeting campaigns, or alternatively you can take advantage of AdRoll’s unified platform and consolidate Retargeting campaigns.
What if I don’t know what type of campaign my client needs?
That’s okay. We’re here to help you decide that. After discussing the offer and the target audience, we can detail recommendations of audience targeting, campaign structure and proposed ads to give a clearer view on what is achievable.