If you’ve already set up your first lead generation ad, or you’ve read my easy how-to instructions in Part 1 of this article and thought ‘I can do that!’ — congratulations!

The next step you should definitely consider so that you can automate your lead-capture process is integrating your form with your CRM.

This will save you having to manually access your leads in the form of a csv file from Facebook. And it means you can trigger timely automation like an email nurturing campaign or a notification to a team member.

Cool, right?!

Integration Options

Zapier has made it possible to integrate a lot of apps with Facebook Lead Gen ads.

Some of the options include…

  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce
  • GetResponse

… and about 40 others!

You can also choose to simply have the leads emailed to you or added to a Google Sheet.

Keep in mind Zapier is just 1 option and there are other integration options out there, like ConnectLeads.

I just tested Zapier out with Infusionsoft with great results however, so I’m going to show you how to use that particular Zap.

Here’s How I Connected A Lead Gen Ad With Infusionsoft

1. First, make sure you’re logged in to Facebook and Infusionsoft within your browser. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve already created your lead ad in Facebook.

2. In another tab, log in to Zapier and select the Zap that you’re after: Facebook Lead Gen Ads → Infusionsoft in this instance.

3. Select the Facebook Page the Ad was created for:

Zap - snap 1


4. You’ll be asked to create a test–always a good idea!

Zap - snap 2


5. If you haven’t integrated a lead ad yet, you’ll need to connect your Infusionsoft account, so make sure you’re logged in within your browser

Zap - Snap 4 or 5


6. Map your fields e.g. Email –> Email.

Zap - Snap 5


7. You’re all done! Each time someone submits the Facebook form, a contact will be created or updated.

Zap - Snap 6


If the Zap for your CRM is as easy to set up as it is Infusionsoft, then this is something that any digital marketer can do. No clunky, manual process needed to collect and upload your Facebook leads to your CRM.

It’s a big win for lead-gen marketers who love automation!

So what’s the catch?

One teeny tiny annoyance I’ve found is that I can’t edit the form in Power Editor or the interface once I’ve created it, so a new campaign may be necessary to edit your form. Think carefully when selecting those fields!

More important to keep in mind…

As with all tools, Facebook Lead Generation Ads are not for everyone.

Consider whether lead generation is the right objective for your offer.

This two-click opt-in has the obvious benefit of making it simpler than ever for prospects to provide their information because it minimises their resistance and the steps they need to complete.

But you also need to consider: are your prospects likely to?

An ad that asks for this information may be considered too much too soon for your target audience so your budget may be better spent on campaigns that involves more nurturing.