Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We’re in Australia! So no need to worry about time zone differences or language barriers.

How long have you been doing this?

Motiv8d was launched in 2010. However we’ve been geeking out over paid ads a lot longer than that! Every team member has worked at marketing agencies prior to joining the team.

Are you Google qualified?

Yes, we’re ALL Google Certified Experts.

Are you just outsourcers?

Nope, we partner with you to extend the services you can provide your clients. We help your clients grow their business, in turn helping you grow your client base. This is uniquely different to the outsourcing model where work is given, done and handed back to your team without due care or personal investment.

Why don’t you work for an agency?

We did! Each one of us. But we found the aspect of our job we most enjoyed was the paid advertising and getting results through Google, Facebook, etc. So we wanted to do more of it and specialise in search engine marketing services.

How much does it cost?

As each client and project is different, we listen to your needs and provide a fair quote based on the work needed and the time you need us.

Why should we use you?

Because you’ll be hard pressed to find our level of expertise anywhere else. We do what we do ALL the time, dealing with many industries, clients and budgets. Our experience is vast and we’re often out there trialling the betas and new products that no one is game to yet.

So we can offer strategy and tactics from an external viewpoint that may not have been considered otherwise. After helping our Partner agencies with client strategies, we’re often rewarded with comments such as “I’m so glad you came in, we wouldn’t even have thought of that” or “thank you, you helped us win that client, we had so much more to offer….” or simply “thank God you were here.”

Do I have to worry about you stealing our clients away?

No. We are not in the same competition pool. We work with agencies, not end clients.

Do you offer SEO services?
Do you deal directly with the client?

No. We deal directly with you as an agency. We provide strategy and implementation for your client’s paid digital activities, and leave the client relationship management to your Agency Account Manager. So you never have to be worried about discrepancies in what a client is advised or ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’.

Is our client’s information kept confidential?

Yes! We deal in the strictest confidence with agency and client data. While you will benefit from our extended knowledge and strategies within many industries and niches, no data or IP is shared with anyone else. And we’re happy to sign Nondisclosure Agreements or Privacy documents.

Do you manage social media pages?

No. We solely manage paid ads for clients on social media. We don’t get involved with their engagements and comments.

Do you outsource any of your campaign management to India, Philippines, etc.?

No. We handle everything in-house.

Would we be a good fit if we just need a campaign built?

No. We focus on long-term relationships where we can help businesses grow. You may be better served by a freelancer.

If I want to get a quote what do I need to do?

You can book a Free Exploratory Chat by clicking the Get in Touch button below. One of our Digital Marketing Specialists will contact you and learn your requirements. After that, they will provide a detailed proposal and quote.



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