AdWords and Bing Advertising Services

Why Agencies Choose Us

As a growing marketing agency, chances are you need a partner who can help you create and manage your clients’ Google AdWords and Bing ads so you can be free to focus on the client relationships.

Here are some of the reasons agencies choose to partner with us:


We're based in Brisbane (no language barriers).


We specialize in paid ads only (no SEO, web design, etc.).


We are all Google AdWords and Bing Certified Experts.


We understand paid ads strategy and tactics.

Agency Focused

We only work with marketing agencies.


We all have agency experience.

The Power of Google AdWords and Bing Advertising

Compete in highly competitive markets
Increased revenue
Higher traffic and lead quality
Better penetration of existing audiences
Expanded reach to new audiences
Increased brand awareness
Increased market share on ads being shown
Lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and Improved return on ad spend (ROAS)

Our Approach

The first step would be for us to analyse the existing client account. We do this by reviewing the AdWords and Analytics accounts and doing some preliminary keyword and competitor research.

Side note: If it’s a new account then we skip the account audit and jump right into doing research on keywords, ads and competitors.

Once we finish the audit we’ll submit a detailed plan on how we can improve and grow the account.

Once you approve our plan we’ll conduct extensive:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad research
  • Competitor research

After we finish all the research we’ll rebuild and/or create new campaigns. New ads are written for an ‘ad pool’ where the client can review and approve ads before launch. We coordinate all ads with existing campaign strategies and platforms (Adwords, Remarketing, Facebook, etc.).

After launch, our team monitors the performance of the campaigns and conducts rigorous testing based on data coming in. We continually test and improve:

  • New ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Keywords
  • Bid strategies
  • Campaign settings

Tailored reporting is delivered depending on the format and frequency you or the client prefer. Further recommendations are also provided for constant growth and improvement.

Our AdWords and Bing Services

Here’s an overview of our services. We can tailor our
services to suit your AdWords and Bing requirements.
Account audits & recommendations

Conversion tracking audit

Competitive intelligence

Research and analysis of target audience


Efficient budget management for best results

Bid management and bid strategy testing for better ROI

Split-testing of ad creative for continued improvement

Testing based on location, device, time of day and more

Extensive search query and audience research

Development of focused targeting strategies

Creation of ads in varied formats

Building and launch of high quality campaigns


Customised reporting on campaign performance

Post analysis of campaign results

Implementation of learnings on existing campaigns

Recommendations for future testing



Want to Chat?

If you'd like to learn more about our services then please click the button below to schedule your Free 30-minute Exploratory Chat. The purpose of this call would be to learn more about your needs and to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

FAQS about Google AdWords and Bing Advertising

Are you Google qualified?
Yes, we’re ALL Google Certified Experts.
Who will review the ads?
Either you or your client. We submit all ads for review before publishing them so that the client has control over their brand.
What if I don’t know what type of campaign my client needs?
That’s okay. We’re here to help you decide that. After discussing the offer and the target audience, we can detail recommendations of audience targeting, campaign structure and proposed ads to give a clearer view on what is achievable.
Do you also manage the client’s Google Business Page?
No. We only focus on the ads.
Do you offer SEO services?